“We were the people who were not in the papers. We lived in the blank white spaces at the edge of print. It gave us more freedom. We lived in the gaps between the stories.”
—Margaret Atwood

Saturday, October 07, 2017

9: REFLECTION – Miracle in Cell No.7

Miracle. That word has struck something in me when I first heard of the title Miracle in Cell No.7. I actually asked myself what can possible be the meaning of the term “miracle”. Is there any sort of miracle that will happen? That thinking drove me to watch the movie.
Ye sung is the only daughter of Lee-Yong Gu, a man with some kind of brain illness. But despite of having such situation, he still managed to raise Ye Sung. And as a father, of course he will do everything and anything for his only daughter. And their fate became twisted. Lee-Yong Gu was accused of killing and raping the daughter of the chief-of-police. He was framed-up, promised that they will give his daughter if he’s going to tell the prosecutor that he indeed raped the victim. He was sentenced to death without having a right trial. And when he was convicted, he saved a prisoner from being killed, in exchange of what he has done.
Though it sounds a bit impossible, they were able to bring Ye Sung inside the jail just to be with Lee-Yong Gu. And a miracle was given.
That part really moved me because Ye Sung was able to change not only the attitude of the men inside the Cell No.7 but she changed the lives of everyone in there. And also Lee-Yong Gu, despite being mentally ill, he was able to teach them some good lesson. And I guess that part was the running point of the movie.
It taught that the most selfless, most sacrificing and unconditional love will always be given by our parents. No doubt. And no matter what happens that love will make us do everything for them. And one more thing it taught me that not because you were already condemned by some, doesn’t mean that everyone will judge you. Or will hate. There are still someone who will accept you and love you. We should never judge easily by what our naked eyes see. The movie has taught me that.
We should look into the deeper part of the story and try to understand them. Moreover, it also taught me that no matter how hard and how long you try to hide the truth and what really happened, the truth will always prevail.
Love, for me, is something sacred and special. And love means being strong despite all the trials. And love is most precious thing a child can offer to her father.

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