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—Margaret Atwood

Friday, October 06, 2017

8: Q and A

1. Why it is important that the teacher must choose the best and appropriate assessment to be used?
It is important that the teacher choose the best and appropriate assessment to their students to find out if they learn. To find out if they learned the skills and knowledge needed, assessing them must depend on the criteria or right criteria that will be based on the task that the teacher ask the students to do. Since all students are different, assessing them based on one or same criteria is hard, since they have different skills that the others don't have, so the assessment that the teacher needed to use must be appropriate for all. Teacher must analyze it and the students and see if it will fit the students level.

2. What are the importance of digital skills?

Digital age is affecting our lives in different ways. It affect us in schools, workplace (for those who are working), and in our home. So as a future teachers, being able to learn different digital skills is a big advantage in teaching, aside from making a power point presentation, preparing educational videos, and editing pictures for the class, we can make different activities to engage our students to the lesson. So in order to be able to do that, we need these digital skills, to be able to come up or to make materials or presentation interesting to the students. Also, acquiring these skills will help us to be a responsible person in social media, to search different skills or approach that we can learn from the internet to be able to face or manage a class. Aside from that, by having these skills, it is a proof that we are not left behind by our ever changing society, and if we are updated to what's new, we can easily use that to be able to cope up with our students, and to be able to give activities/different activities from the internet for our students.

3. Compare the traditional form of teaching to the latest one as to criteria applied for in the preparation of instructional materials.
Making of instructional materials is not that easy especially when you have no talent in this. It takes a lot of time to create. There is a rule that we need to follow also before we create our own like proper combination of colors to be able for our students to read it clearly for better understanding.
For me, I will compare traditional form to the latest (power point presentation), I can say that the traditional is more time consuming because if it's your daily routine to use this traditional one you need to prepare this day by day and night by night in different styles and designs unlike to the latest all you need to do is to type all your lessons, copy it and paste to the slides make it lively through animation feature, that's it! But, I can say also if it's in terms of effort my vote is 100% go to the traditional one. Now, if this will happen, there's something in your instructional materials that is typographical error or misspelled and sometime wrong information, the latest  one got  my vote because it is easy to change in the presentations unlike to the traditional one that is not easy to change. If money involves of course the traditional one is highly paid because you need to buy like glue, colored papers, cartolina etc. In terms of "wow factor" they are both unique on their own way.

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