“We were the people who were not in the papers. We lived in the blank white spaces at the edge of print. It gave us more freedom. We lived in the gaps between the stories.”
—Margaret Atwood

Friday, October 06, 2017


K-drama and K-pop may be one of the most dangerous addictions that a person can form in a lifetime. It starts innocently enough. You begin with your first taste, perhaps an episode of “You’re Beautiful,” “Playful Kiss,” or “Boys Over Flowers.” You curiously sit down for an episode, which somehow turns into two or three. The Internet becomes your friend as you get to know the characters and the actors. And then… it all spirals out of control. Welcome to the world of K-drama and K-pop Addiction. Korean dramas are hot on video streaming sites. Currently airing dramas can't be subtitled and loaded quickly enough to satisfy their English-speaking audience. And K-pop? Well, the music videos of the famous idols are giving YouTube a blast, streaming the videos over and over to gain more views. Unfamiliar words?  Worry no more, fam. K-drama and K-pop fans already know the drill. They even learn basic Korean words and phrases through K-dramas and K-pop songs. 
The big question people want to know is: why are K-dramas and K-Pop so popular around the world? 
Korean dramas appeal to the senses and emotions.  The best ones have great cinematography, attractive and heartwarming characters that are given depth, and a well-orchestrated and coordinated musical soundtrack that ties the story, actors' portrayals and all the little details together.  They are a length that allows the viewer to get engaged in the characters much better than with movies, and they drag out less than the ongoing types of series.
Korean dramas tend to provide a balance of action, drama, romance and comedy.  Depending on what you like, there is plenty to choose from.  They can definitely hook you in.  Generally Korean dramas will start you off with something lighter, bring you down a bit into the dark history, and help pull you back to the surface at the end.  Sometimes the resurfacing is satisfying and predictable, and other times they can leave you hanging, or leave a strange taste in your mouth.
Watching dramas in marathon mode is not uncommon - this way you don't need to have the patience to watch an episode a week.  Others prefer to watch many dramas, once a week each.  With the dramas being online and subtitled by people who care, the quality is generally more than reasonable, and it allows people who don't understand the culture and language to learn the culture and language, while enjoying a great ride through the lives of the characters.
On the other hand, there are many factors that constitute to why K-pop is addictive. Other artists typically travel around the world to perform and promote (usually themselves). However, K-pop expresses all the hard work and effort each team member put in. Their dance moves are all synchronized really well, to the point where everything seems practically identical. And the music videos are more “story written”. Like reading a novel. K-pop idols also train for many years before performing and making their debut. American artists usually never train for over six years. The fact that they go through such lengths to train themselves and their long schedules show that they work really hard to prepare for each upcoming performance. 
If you listen closely enough, you’ll notice an underlying theme to the song. Everything is connected: outfits, choreography, setting, and even their facial expression; which is something unique, like no other. K-pop albums and merchandise are made with lots of dedication and hard work. The companies know how to draw in fans and make them excited for the next performance or comeback. That’s why many K-pop fans spend thousands of money from their savings and allowance for the merchandise.
When listening to music, it's mainly an escape; to find a happier place and feel connected with something besides the struggles and hardships life has to offer. People run to their favorite artists for comfort because sometimes the lyrics speak to them. And that’s how K-pop fans really feel.
In general, watching K-dramas and listening to K-pop is fascinating. They make you feel things. And if you don't control yourself, you definitely could get addicted, and everything that is too much is bad. Loving them will have a good effect on you, but somehow there will be bad effects too; but then again, as what K-drama and K-pop fans usually say, “Blank is life, but OPPA is lifer.”

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