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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Budget Friendly Spaghetti for Merienda

Merienda is a light meal in Southern Europe, particularly Spain, Portugal (lanche or merenda), Italy (merenda), Slovenia and Croatia (marenda), as well as Hispanic America and the Philippines. Usually taken in the afternoon or for brunch, it fills in the meal gap between the noontime meal and the evening meal, being the equivalent of afternoon tea in the English-speaking world; or between breakfast and lunch. It is a simple meal that often consists of a piece of fruit, cookies, yogurt, and other snacks paired with juice, hot chocolate, coffee, spirits, or other beverages. It is typical for Argentines, Paraguayans and Uruguayans to have merienda or "tea" around 5pm, between the midday meal and supper. It generally consists of an infusion (tea, mate, coffee, mate cocido, etc.) and a baked snack (scones, bread, toasts, cake, facturas, etc.), usually accompanied with dulce de leche, honey, butter or jam. North Americans may consider this light meal a kind of "second breakfast."
In coastal parts of Croatia, Slovenia, and in the Greek island of Corfu, it is called marenda, a meal eaten between breakfast and lunch. Usually it is a light snack, like sandwiches or toast, eaten during a work break.

In the Philippines, merienda (Filipino: meryenda or minandál) is a generic term encompassing two light meals: the first is a morning snack that may correspond to either brunch, elevenses, or second breakfast; the second one is the equivalent of afternoon tea. Merienda taken in the early evening around sunset just before or in place of dinner is meanwhile distinctly referred to as merienda cena. Broadly, merienda is any sort of dish or snack in a portion smaller than the traditional "full meal" consisting of rice and a complementary viand (unless the merienda is taken as brunch or merienda cena), coupled with either a cool or hot drink (usually coffee). Common fare may be sweet or savoury, ranging from breads, pandesal, pastries, or even noodles (pancit). Sometimes Filipino meriendas can include wide-ranging desserts such as halo-halo, "champorado"and even food such as balút (egg with an advanced embryo in it).

Nagtanong ako sa aking mga Facebook friends ng ganito, "Ano ang favorite merienda mo? Kung spaghetti, bakit ito ang paborito mo? Help guys! Ilagay ko lang sa blog ko." Luckily, may dalawang sumagot.

All time favorite kasi ang spaghetti..Hindi kasi nakakasawa ang tamis anghang at meatballs and hotdogs na toppings! everytime na kumakain ako nito, feeling ko nagiging Bata ako ulet! -Evelyn San Luis Collantes"
Bastat spaghetti lahat pwedeng kumain. Masarap at Hindi Nakakaumay nagsama Ang tamis at anghang Kya favorite ng mga kids.. At higit sa lahat yung sangkap niya na may cheese, hotdog at sauce. -Angelica Nuarin Morgado"

Ngunit, maging favorite pa rin kaya nila ang Spaghetti? Matapos malaman ang Budget Friendly Spaghetti na recipe ko? Walang meatballs at cheese.
Mga kailangan
  • FIESTA Sweet SpaghetTIPID
  • 168 mL ALASKA Sweetened Condensed
  • 5 hotdog with cheese
  • 1 sibuyas
  • 3 na butil ng bawang
  • mantika
  • asin
  • paminta
  • magic sarap
Paraan ng Pagluluto
1. Hiwain muna ang mga hotdog, sibuyas at bawang. Isantabi at simulan ang pagpapainit ng kawali.
2. Kapag mainit na ang kawali lagyan na ng mantika at simulan ang paggisa ng hotdog. Kapag napansin ng luto ito, isunod na ang bawang bago ang sibuyas. Ginamit ko ang hotdog na may cheese para hindi na maglagay ng cheese sa mismong sauce para makatipid.

3. Kung nagisa na ng maayos ang hotdog, bawang at sibuyas. Ibuhos na ang sauce - sweet plus parmesan cheese.
4. Kapag nailagay na ang sauce, ilagay ang 168 mL ALASKA Sweetened Condensed.
5. Matapos lagyan ng condensed milk. Lagyan ito ng kaunting paminta at asin para sa dagdag na lasa.
6. Haluin ang sauce. Pagkatapos ay hintayin kumulo ito at lagyan ng kaunting magic sarap.
7. Hintayin muli kumulo. At pagkatapos, okay na ang sauce natin.

1. Maghanda ng tubig at hintayin kumulo. Lagyan ito ng mantika at kaunting asin upang hindi magdikit-dikit ang pasta.
2. Kapag kumulo na ang tubig. Ilagay na ang pasta. Haluin ito hanggang sa maluto.

At, ito na ang ating finish product ang Budget Friendly Spaghetti. Pak na pak para sa ating merienda.
Ang total na budget dito ay 207 pesos only.

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