“We were the people who were not in the papers. We lived in the blank white spaces at the edge of print. It gave us more freedom. We lived in the gaps between the stories.”
—Margaret Atwood

Friday, December 15, 2017

LET 2018: Social Science Reviewer

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1. The spanish mestizo priest was the pioneering leader of the native secular clergy in the secularization movement of 1861.
A. Father Pedro Pelaez
B. Father Gregorio Aglipay
2. The last spanish governor-general of the philippines
A. Basilio Agustin
B. Diego de los Rios
3. During the spanish era, whos was the revolutionary leader who waged a long war against the government because it did not allow proper burial of his brother.
A. Macario Sacay
B. Franscisco Dagohoy
4. Even after general malvar's surrender, there was a revolutionary leader who refused to surrender to the americans. Insted, he declared himself president and commander-in-chief of the supreme goverment of the tagalog archipelago. Who was this person?
A. Macario Sakay
B. Artemio Ricarte
5. He became the leader of the magdalo faction
A. Mariano Alvarez
B. Baldomero Aguindo
6. Who was the founder and editor of the newspaper "La Independencia"?
A. Antonio Luna
B. Graciano Lopez Jaena
7. Who was the orator of the reform movement and first editor of la solaridad?
A. Marcelo del Pilar
B. Graciano Lopez Jaena
8. Who was among the last filipino generals who fought the americans and established the so-called "Tagalog Republic?"
A. Macario Sakay
B. Miguel Malvar
9. In Philippine history, who was known as "The great Dissenter?"
A. Manuel Roxas
B. Claro M. Recto
10. Who is considered as the father of Iloco Literature?
A. Pedro Bucaneg
B. Pedro Paterno
Correct Answer!
1. B
7. B

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